Judas Priest: A Touch of Evil-Live (2009)

–JUDAS PRIEST: A Touch of Evil Live-Live (2009)

It’s hard to go wrong with a Judas Priest live album, and there can never be too many, as far as this Priest fanatic is concerned. Still, this new A Touch of Evil-Live disc caught me a bit by surprise as just being a single disc with a rather varied and unpredictable track listing. The material was culled from Priest’s 2005 and 2008 world tours, with an equal amount of tracks from Angel of Retribution and Nostradamus sprinkled among several amazing Priest classics.

The album’s production is clear and powerful, with Rob Halford’s vocals sounding strong, even if he can’t hit all those high notes cleanly the way he used to. Tipton and Downing are their typical workhorses on the duel-axes, delivering blistering solos and harmonies with apparent ease. Of course, the rhythm section of bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis provides the thunderous foundation of Zeus.

Songwise, Angel…barnburners such as “Hellrider” work better than lethargic Nostradamus fare like “Death,” though “Prophecy” shows some mid-tempo promise from the most recent Priest opus. But it’s the classics that truly devastate. To hear timeless torchers, “Riding on the Wind,” “Dissident Aggressor,” and “Eat Me Alive” still being performed blazingly well by the original masters is invigorating.

–Tracklisting: 1.) Judas Rising 2. Hellrider 3.) Between The Hammer & The Anvil 4.) Riding on the Wind 5.) Death 6.) Beyond the Realms of Death 7. Dissident Aggressor 8.) A Touch of Evil 9. Eat Me Alive 10.) Prophecy 11.) Painkiller


~ by jonnyboyrocker on October 4, 2009.

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