The geniune genius of Gene Simmons

Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying your Thursday afternoons. I’ve just been enjoying the unholy heck out of reading Gene Simmons’ recent interview on He once again demonstrates his ultimate genius (no, I’m NOT being facetious here–Gene Simmons is a GOD!), discussing all things KISS, the aggregious sin of illegal downloading, professionalism, his business acumen and just about anything else you could ask for. He’s offering us free rock-god classes here, folks. Better take your notes!

Also, features announcements about the new Slayer release and a preview of the new Rage (legendary German band, of course, NOT Rage Against the Machine) CD, due out in 2010. Looks like another great year of metal is in the works, and I’m definitely looking forward to trying, in vain, I’m sure, of keeping up with it.

The Sonic Boom review will be posted in just a matter of time. Stay tuned, and please keep on rocking!-JB

~ by jonnyboyrocker on October 8, 2009.

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