Coffin: Five-Song EP (2008)

–COFFIN: 5-Song EP (2008)

New Jersey “unholy” thrashers Coffin delivered the devastating goods with this solid five-song ep from 2008. Independently produced and released on their own Carrion Crawler Records (also the home of related brutal black metallers Immolith), Coffin’s debut ep sounds like a strong amalgamation of all the great aggressive thrash metal bands of the late 1980s-early 90s. I hear many different influences here, from the aggressive down-tuned riffing and chaotic leads of Slayer, to the warp-speed freneticism of 1980s British thrash lords Sabbat, to even some slower and crunchier groove parts that recall vintage Death Angel or Anthrax.

The band’s lyrics and artwork are centered on all things evil and unholy, whether it be Satan, witches, corpses, Lucifer, the Underworld or Satan. Coffin’s overriding dark theme may not be original or unexpected, but it works well with this style of metal. Plus, vocalist Morgue, aka Rich McCoy (Happy Birthday Rich, btw!), delivers very decipherable thrash shouts that recall the forcefulness of Tom Araya (Slayer) or the gravelly rasp of Cronos (Venom). The production job is raw but well-balanced, and the songs are catchy even as they focus on the aggressive end of the metal spectrum. As for highlights? Opener “Altar In Black” with its Slayerish “Angel of Death” type of speed and intensity is a great blueprint for Coffin’s future.

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–Tracklisting: 1.) Altar In Black 2.) Before The Cross 3.) The Burial Ground 4.) Forsaken Angel 5.) Witch

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