News and update: Metallica tour, Amott brothers

Hello everyone,

Hope all is well with you out in cyber-metal-land. It’s been a busy, crazy couple of weeks here in my personal and work life, so this blog unfortunately has suffered as a result. However, I do not want this site to be neglected or abandoned like was for six months(!) earlier this year, so I’m planning a few updates/changes to my format.

First, I plan to start a weekly update post that will include some music news, a playlist as well as some personal thoughts on whatever comes to mind. That should keep the blog current and ensure that regular postings do not fall by the wayside. Also, my plan to publish one feature review-per-week will continue, and I will include additional brief reviews of as many current and classic releases as I can.

Now, for the news: an end for the massive Metallica Death Magnetic tour is finally in sight this fall. Also, both Arch Enemy guitarists have been busy working on solo material and their respective side projects. Christopher Amott’s new solo album Follow Your Heart is out now in Japan, and the two myspace clips sound like some gorgeous, atmospheric and bluesy guitar work this side of the ’70s. Meanwhile, Michael Amott’s Spiritual Beggars prepares for the release of its seventh album this fall. Check it out!

Okay, that’s all for now. Take it easy, have fun and, as always, keep it frakkin LOUD!–Jonathan Kollnot


~ by jonnyboyrocker on July 15, 2010.

One Response to “News and update: Metallica tour, Amott brothers”

  1. Six months isn’t that long. The Ace Warloch Adventures blog has been silent for longer periods of time – but I always have an excuse or several. 😛

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