News and update: New Hellyeah, Warriors of Metal, Black Label Society E-card

Hi guys, how goes it? Man, I picked up the new Hellyeah CD, Stampede, the other night, and I’m digging it–big time. It’s nothing too drastically different from the band’s self-titled 2007 debut, but it’s just some brutal southern-fried power-groovin’ metal. This one deserves a proper write-up, but for now I’ll say that Vinnie Paul, Chad Gray and co. have delivered another solid modern metal disc that balances the HEAVY with some touching mellow and melodic moments.

After sadly having to miss the last few editions of the Warriors of Metal Festival, I’m pleased to say that I am making plans to attend and cover next year’s version of the nascent traditional metal fest in Chillicothe, Ohio. The June, 2010 edition featured bands such as my good friends ASKA from Dallas, the legendary U.S. Metal Blade act Omen (also featuring ASKA vocalist George Call and drummer Danny White), Cage from San Diego, Icarus Witch and more. The organizers are already promising a bigger and better fest for WOM IV in 2011, and my brother Jeff and I are psyched to finally make it down and support some of the best in metal the U.S. has to offer. I will continually post WOM Festival news updates as they appear.

Finally, Black Label Society has an e-card of their new album, Order of the Black, available at this location. I occasionally enjoy doses of Zakk Wylde’s soulful Sabbathy groove, so I look forward to checking out a few tunes from this.

That’s it for now. Here is last week’s playlist, and keep it loud!–Jonathan Kollnot

PLAYLIST: 7/12-7/18. RUSH, A Farewell to Kings; HELSTAR, The King of Hell; IRON MAIDEN, Death on the Road Disc 1; CIRCLE II CIRCLE, Burden of Truth; AGENT STEEL, Alienigma.


~ by jonnyboyrocker on July 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “News and update: New Hellyeah, Warriors of Metal, Black Label Society E-card”

  1. The Warriors of Metal Festival sounds cool as hell but somebody’s gonna have to count how many metal festivals take place each year. I’ve completely lost track.

    • That’s true. I think it is a good thing as long as each festival is in a different region and fulfills a distinct niche. I’m hoping WOM IV will feature some more “name” headlining acts with enough of a promotional push to make it more successful.

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