Playlist 02/19-02/25, News, All Set for Dystopia

What up, peeps? Just a quick shout out to remind you (as if you, friends and arbitrary cyberspace surfers, needed me pestering you any more) that this site is still on the hook. My plan, and if you’ve followed this rather IRREGULAR blog for any length of time you know my “plans” best be left tentative, is to offer a brief weekly post featuring some of my favorite metal news items and a listening playlist for the previous week. Also, I might as well as preview Kollnot RNM Reviews’ full-length album review for the week (and yes, my friends, this WILL happen, I promise). This week’s review, appearing Wednesday, February 29th, will be: Iced Earth’s newest release, Dystopia.

Okay, with that rigamore out of the way, please check out Iced Earth’s ever-entertaining latest tour report from bassist Freddie Vidales. This blogger will be catching IE’s metallic devastation on the road in a matter of weeks as well…Nikki Sixx says Motley Crue is having a hunky doary(sp?) ol’ time in the studio…and Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen (both ex-Helloween, obviously) talk about their new heavy/power metal project, Unisonic. Oh, and KISSRock the Nation: Live! concert DVD is a splendid way to spend the weekend, me thinks. Cheers!–JK

PLAYLIST: 02/19-02/25 2012

VAN HALEN: A Different Kind of Truth

–ICED EARTH: Dystopia

METALLICA: Beyond Magnetic

RATT: Out of the Cellar

–Various Angra and Andre Matos videos on Youtube

~ by jonnyboyrocker on February 27, 2012.

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