News, Cross Purposes Revisited, Playlist: 03/04-03/10-12

Hello metal friends, here’s a quick little update to break the silence (Heathen, anyone?). As you will see by my playlist, I got very little music listening in during the past week, but it is my hope that a (slightly) less hectic life schedule will make for a much more (Cross) purposeful life (Sabbath reference to be explained momentarily). But first…

In some music news…Charred Walls of the Damned, featuring drummer Richard Christy (Howard Stern, ex-Death and Iced Earth), bassist Steve Digiorgio (ex-Death, Sadus, Testament) and “all-star” vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens, has released the entertaining music video for “Zerospan.” This is my first listen to Charred Walls, and I must say it’s quite enjoyable melodic technical thrash metal fare…Van Halen, which has been mixing up its recent setlists to include ultra-obscure goodies, performed the wicked Diver Down piledriver, “Hang ‘Em High” at last night’s Boston show…L.A. old-school metallers Malice are back, and in the process renewing their “license to kill” (what an excellent slab of 1986 melodic power MAGIC that album was!).

 To continue this blog’s original main theme of celebrating old and (especially) unsung classics, this week I will be featuring the underappreciated Tony Martin era of Black Sabbath with my new write-up on one of my all-time favorite albums, 1994’s Cross Purposes. I hope you enjoy this labor de Liebe.

Okay, enjoy your week everyone, and please, by all means, keep it loud!–JK

PLAYLIST: 03/04-03/10-12

RIOT: Immortal Soul

–Youtube Videos: Arch Enemy, Carcass, Motley Crue, Ratt

Heavy Metal Parking Lot


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