Michigan’s Re-“icing”, Maiden on the DVD Attack, Playlist: 03/11-03/17-12

Hail all you wily and wicked metallians, or something along those lines. I hope you are enjoying this nice early spring; at least is SO nice here in the Great Lakes State. This past Friday, the heavenly, 70-degree Michigan weather was temporarily re-frozen over by the mighty Iced Earth. My brother Jeff and myself traveled the two-plus hours to Pontiac to worship the U.S. metal gods in person, and you can expect my full-length concert feature by mid-week.

In other music news: Iron Maiden has announced the release of En Vivo!, their new double DVD/CD concert album/vinyl/documentary extravaganza. It just makes one wonder how much this ESSENTIAL bad boy is gonna cost! Here’s the trailer for the new documentary and more info via Blabbermouth…okay, so it appears that the organizer of the Reading and Leeds festivals refuses to book the current version of “Guns N’ Roses” again because, get this, they were unprofessional and showed up late in 2010. Imagine that…Opeth fans, especially of their most recent work, will want to check out Storm Corrosion, the new collaboration between Mikael Akerfeldt and Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree…be sure to keep up with all your metal news on Blabbermouth.

One other note: over the weekend, while relaxing and celebrating my 36th birthday with family and some good tunes and Netflix selections (Anvil movie anyone?), I came across two excellent documentaries, When You’re Strange, about Jim Morrison  and narrated by Johnny Depp, and John Entwistle: An Ox’s Tale, narrated by Peter Frampton. Alongside The Doors’  brilliantly avant-garde music, Morrison’s enigmatic persona and soothing voice make The Doors a timeless listen, and they are always fascinating to learn more about. And Entwistle? Not only did the man’s furiously dynamic bass lines help transform The Who into a unique and legendary hard rock act, but, to quote Pete Townshend, “he changed the instrument.” He makes me proud to say I play the bass, that’s for sure.

That’s all for now, and keep it loud!–JK

PLAYLIST: 03/11-03/17-12

RATT: Behind the Music

RAGE: Perfect Man

BLACK SABBATH: Cross Purposes

–RATT: Reach for the Sky

VAN HALEN: A Different Kind of Truth

–RATT: Out of the Cellar

–VAN HALEN: Women and Children First

YOUTUBE videos: Warbringer, Iced Earth

–Movies: Anvil!: The Story of Anvil, When You’re Strange


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