Springing Into Action, News of the Day, Maiden’s Brave (Old) World

Hail there my fellow brain bangers, how goes it? I hope you all are enjoying this (hopefully) beautiful spring, wherever you reside. My Master’s project finally will be bound and printed within a few days, so I figure it’s about time to get this Kollnot R’n’M Reviews thing up and kicking again. Since things here are still eternally hectic, as they are for everyone, this week’s feature will be a previously-published retro review of Iron Maiden’s Brave New World album from back in 2000. Next week, though, I’ll be back in gear with new writing, starting with a review of this Saturday’s Opeth concert here in Grand Rapids. In the coming weeks, you can expect full retro features on ScorpionsTaken By Force, Lizzy Borden’s Menace to Society, ’90s Denver-based prog phenoms The Quiet Room, and more.

In the music news files this week…those who have caught Iced Earth on their Dystopia World Tour, or if you had the misfortune of missing them, can enjoy the metallic festivities on the new concert DVD they will be filming in Cyprus..ex(again)-Arch Enemy guitarist Chris Amott has a new signature guitar and solo career…Fear Factory fanatics can check out a snippet from their upcoming single “Recharger” hereMichael Kiske talks about Kai Hansen, Unisonic and his past bands in this interesting interview.

That’s about it for now, but I’m looking forward to another great season of music. Remember, whatever adversity life throws your way, your friends, family and passions will always help pull you through. Keep it loud, brothers and sisters!–JK


~ by jonnyboyrocker on April 9, 2012.

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