–IRON MAIDEN: Brave New World (2000)












–IRON MAIDEN: Brave New World (2000)

(This review was originally published in The Grand Rapids Press back in the summer of 2000).

Poor Eddie has had a rough life. During his 20-year career as Iron Maiden’s mascot, the grotesque cartoon skele-demon has been chained, lobotomized and turned into a tree monster. On Iron Maiden’s new album, Brave New World, Eddie’s face is a storm cloud leering over London’s Thames like a shadow on the shoulder of the rock world.

Eddie fits Iron Maiden well, and mirrors the band nicely. Uncompromising, determined and unfashionable, the British heavy metal veterans have survived several personnel changes and a constantly changing music market to create their most consistent and entertaining album since 1988’s Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

Brave New World is the first Maiden album to feature three guitarists, and it marks the return of two key members: guitarist Adrian Smith and vocalist Bruce Dickinson. The album also showcases bassist Steve Harris’ growth as a songwriter. Dynamic, epic-length tracks such as “Ghost of the Navigator” and “Dream of Mirrors” highlight a strong Genesis and Jethro Tull influence amidst Maiden’s traditional metal stylings.

But beneath the grandiosity of Brave New World lies its gem – musical balance. For every speedy guitar riff and operatic scream, Maiden hypnotizes you with some of the most beautiful melodies and harmonies this side of Mozart. So that’s why Eddie is still smiling.***.5–Jonathan Kollnot


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