Opeth Owns G.R., GN’R’s Hall of Strange, News

Hello everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your weekends and blasted your eardrums out at some point or another with some appropriate sonic satisfaction. Here in West Michigan, we’re having violent, blustery weather conditions with 60 mile-per-hour gusts, so I’m safely hunkering down indoors to avoid nature’s quasi-tornadic wrath. Figure I might as well post a blog in lieu of anything more worthwhile to do.=)

First of all, Opeth laid waste to, or at least moderately rattled, the foundations of Grand Rapids’ The Intersection on Saturday night. There’s nothing like some heavy and soulful music to help alleviate the pressures of life’s stress. Oh yeah, Mastodon was on the bill too as co-headliners, but since we’re not really fans, my brother and I skipped out of there after Opeth played for the neighborhood pub’n’grub. Oops. Anyway, expect a little concert report later this week.

In the news, I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the ridiculous debacle surrounding Axl Rose’s insane shenanigan’s and GN’R’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. There’s not much more that can be added to that discussion, although I think it’s great that most of the other members and their supporters participated in the event without missing a beat…Eddie Van Halen was interviewed in Esquire, so extra props to the VH boys…Rush has released the artwork for their new single, “Headlong Flight,” which recalls a bit of the mystical sci-fi aura of ’70s Rush ala 2112 or Hemispheres. Let’s see if the muisic follows suit on their upcoming Clockwork Angels album…did I forget to mention that bassist Freddie Vidales quit Iced Earth? I believe so, but you can read about it on their website. Hey, will the stream of lineup changes ever end for Schaffer and co.?

That’s about it for now. Stay safe out there, and keep it LOUD!–JK


~ by jonnyboyrocker on April 16, 2012.

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