End of Innocence

“Carry on/Be strong my son/this is the end of innocence/carry on, when I’m gone/this is the end of innocence/this is the end, my friend.”–Iced Earth

Stu Block, Iced Earth’s new lead vocalist, penned “End of Innocence” for his mother, who is battling cancer. Like Block, I had been walking alongside my mother, Susan Marie Kollnot (Trojanek), in her long battle against Ovarian Cancer. The cancer, which she had been fighting for over two years, had metasticized in her liver, and the last six months of chemo treatment did nothing to stop the now raging tumor in her liver. My mom finally lost her battle with cancer on Thursday, May 17th, 2012.

Helping mom through all the treatments, doctor’s appointments, surgeries, debilitating sickness and moments of pure happiness, made me feel even closer to my mom than ever before. Her loss, although expected for a long time, is no less devastating for having occured. I have been silent with this blog for a long time, for obvious reasons. And though words still do no justice to the weight of the grief we as a family are feeling, I know mom would want me to carry on doing what I love doing: writing, reading, playing and enjoying music. These are all the things that make our lives so rich and beautiful in the first place, and so I will make an attempt to pursue these endeavors with all the enthusiasm of the metal gods.

So consider this hiatus over, and bring on the timeless music. For mom. For eternity.–Jonathan Kollnot


~ by jonnyboyrocker on May 30, 2012.

One Response to “End of Innocence”

  1. Brevity and depth, sign of a good writer.

    Self disclosure and depth, sign of someone engaged in the struggle to be authentically human.

    Jon, I am positive that your Mother was and is so very proud!

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