R.I.P. Michael Grant/Re-Taken By Force/News from the Frontlines

The ever-growing ranks of the hallowed heavy chorale of the spiritual realm added its newest member on Thursday: uber-talented singer Michael Grant of California power/speed metallers Crescent Shield. Just 39 years of age, Grant was perhaps best known for his work with shred guitar wizard Toby Knapp in Onward. Grant possessed a powerful and soaring mid-range voice, featuring a flawless vibrato that bore more than a passing resemblance to the almighty Ronnie James Dio himself. He also was an incredibly talented songwriter and lyricist who could evoke mystical and fantastical imagery all while relating directly to the common man. For some reason, I lost track of Grant’s career after Onward’s brilliant debut masterpiece, Evermoving. But he recorded a couple more albums with Onward before joining forces with guitarist Dan Delucie and bassist Melanie Sisneros (New Eden and Destiny’s End fame) in Crescent Shield. We all, myself included, need to track down Grant’s back catalog and revel in his enchantingly beautiful vocals. He will be missed.

My first new album feature in nearly three months will bring us straight back to the halcyon days of the late ’70s. That’s right, I’m talking about that glorious decade when hard rock and metal music was still brand new and fresh, and originality was omnipresent while sub-genres were nonexistent. This week, we’re going back to my all-time favorite Scorpions record, 1978’s unsung but blistering Taken By Force.

In the news: acclaimed mastering engineer George Marino lost his battle with lung cancer…George Lynch is working on a new quasi-Dokkenish, T & N, album with former fellow Dokkenites minus Don. Maybe they now can actually get something done without Don around to fight with…this report claims that Valerie Bertinelli was the Yoko Ono of Van Halen. Um, nope, Valerie is way more pleasing to the eyes than Yoko =)…Fear Factory’s new CD, The Industrialist, can be streamed in its entirety for free here. But the album comes out today anyway, so why don’t we support the mighty FF and put a little money in their pockets?

That’s enough for now. Have fun, be true, and as always, keep it bloody LOUD!–JK

“We’ll find the Sacred Heart/Somewhere bleeding in the night/Look for the light/And find the Sacred Heart”–Dio


~ by jonnyboyrocker on June 5, 2012.

One Response to “R.I.P. Michael Grant/Re-Taken By Force/News from the Frontlines”

  1. Nice mention of Michael Grant’s metal career. It’s too bad he was taken from this metal world. I haven’t heard everything he did but his work with Legend Maker is just awesome.

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