Upcoming Reviews: Midgard, Lizzy Borden, Atomic Rooster, Colorado Metal in the ’90s

Hello everyone,

As autumn kicks into high gear weather-wise, so does Kollnot RNM Reviews. First off, I will be featuring long-running melodic death metallers Midgard, hailing from my former hometown of Denver. They have unleashed their new album Satellite unto the metal-loving world, and I will be reviewing that in the coming days. Secondly, my planned feature on Lizzy Borden’s amazing 1986 album Menace to Society is still upcoming. Then, how about we go way back to the ’70s, say, to a little overview of Atomic Rooster. I plan to finish the year with a special feature on the Colorado heavy metal scene in the 1990s, from this fan/budding journalist’s insider perspective. I’m talking melodic/progressive metal bands such as Psyco Drama, The Quiet Room, Leviathan, Iron Fortress, Chris Broderick, Silencer, Jag Panzer. This will be quite an undertaking, so please hold me to that year-end deadline.=)

I hope you all are having a great day out there. It’s time to blast some Motorhead now before jamming on the bass and alto sax. Cheers!–JK


~ by jonnyboyrocker on October 10, 2012.

One Response to “Upcoming Reviews: Midgard, Lizzy Borden, Atomic Rooster, Colorado Metal in the ’90s”

  1. Thank you for reviewing our upcoming album, hope you like what you hear!

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