Hey 2017 — Art is All (that is all)!

Hey 2017! Yeah, I am talking to you, this unpredictable and turbulent year that has found us all rushing to redefine what it means to be a free citizen — and free and unfettered artist. Regardless of one’s race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic class, and political persuasion, no one can deny that these are inchoate and uncertain times. Speaking from personal experience alone, this omnipresent anxiety can do real harm to any sort of creative motivations whatsoever. And yes, right now I am trying to (once again) work through a major bout of writer’s block by posting more incoherent writings in my blog. My apologies.

Actually, sorry, not sorry. What I am finally starting to learn, and relearn, and internalize in my advancing middle age is that creating something new conquers all ails. I’ve found that most of my moods of melancholy, loneliness, anxiety, and a general sense of malaise can be, at least temporarily, alleviated by being creative. Whether it’s tickling the ivories or practicing my bass, writing a new poem or music review, tinkering with a new Lego creation or set, going to a concert, reading something for a good hour or so, or even watching an interesting new show on Netflix, being active in my artistic life always makes my day exponentially better.

So, whatever it is you like to do, or excel at, or simply appreciate passionately, I urge you all to just go out there (or stay home, if the case may be) and do it. And yes, while I believe it certainly is great to stay active in the community and work to make the world a better place, those important — indeed, necessary– altruistic activities are impossible without self care. After all, any individual’s life is kind of meaningless without the drive of creative passions that make it worth waking up each morning. Every song, book, movie, television show, painting, craft, sculpture, home-improvement project, etc. has the potential to enrich the lives of the enthusiast as well as the creator. Hell, even listening to a fantastic album (Riot: The Privilege of Power at the moment) at ridiculous volumes can brighten a frigid, frost-bitten afternoon.

All this serves as my wind-blown attempt at saying that it’s well-past time for me to get writing again. I’m feeling the inspiration, and I hope you are too in some way. Look for some new featured music reviews soon on this site, as well as more frequent missives on a sundry array of rock and metal-related topics soon. Cheers and best wishes to all!–Jonathan Kollnot



~ by jonnyboyrocker on March 13, 2017.

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