The Rose of Lilith: Soulless (2017)

Rose of Lilith Soulless

Hey all, I hope you all have been relishing a fun and pleasant summer. I’m breaking my absurdly long silence to gear myself up for another busy fall in music, but I also want to take some time to recommend a compelling new artist. The band is The Rose of Lilith from Florida, and their recent single is entitled “Soulless.”

Comprised primarily of the duo of Jack Hernandez and Josue Fernandez, The Rose of Lilith play what they refer to as experimental/symphonic metal. That descriptor is not inaccurate, though their sound is difficult to label or pigeonhole into a specific sub-genre — which is always a good thing, folks. On “Soulless,” elements of symphonic metal, extreme metal, power, progressive, and some avant-garde rock are fused together in a seamless stew. Reference-wise, I hear influence from bands such as Nightwish, Moonspell, Therion, Dream Theater, and some hints of Devin Townsend (Hevy Devy!)’s atmospheric weirdness. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this song features notable guest vocals from Lance King (ex-Balance of Power, ex-Pyramaze, Nightmare Records) and Ralf Scheepers (ex-Gamma Ray, Primal Fear), among others.

What first struck me about “Soulless” are the impressive production values; this sounds as if it could have been released on a small indie label like Napalm as opposed to being self-produced. My only constructive criticism on that front is the rhythm guitars could have been pushed louder in the mix in relation to the drums and the orchestral synths. Indeed, I like my guitars loud and crunchy. As for the song itself, The Rose of Lilith have created extra intrigue by juxtaposing clean and extreme vocals in an interesting manner. This mid-tempo tune opens with a simple-yet-effective lead guitar motif, followed quickly by death metal growls over deliberate and staccato thrash riffing. The rather catchy choruses, by contrast, showcase soaring and emotive clean vocals over a lush and symphonic instrumental base.

“Soulless” may not be the fastest or most aggressive new metal single out there, but the infectious vocal melodies and unique stylistic approach make it a worthwhile listen. Check out The Rose of Lilith on Facebook or give it a whirl on Youtube. Until next time, keep it blasting loud and proud.–Jonathan Kollnot


~ by jonnyboyrocker on August 7, 2017.

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