–Pantera Revisited/Mad With Power/Upcoming Reviews 

Hello, my fellow rockers and metalheads of all stripes and proclivities. I hope you all are enjoying a great week and start of a long, and (hopefully) musical, holiday weekend. I just wanted to drop a quick note to update everyone on what’s coming up soon on Kollnot Rock’n’Metal Reviews. 

Right now I’m checking in from my hotel in New Glarus, Wisconsin, where I’ve been hanging out with some old heavy metal buddies in the wake of a cool underground metal festival on Saturday. The Mad With Power Festival in Madison, hosted by Ty Christian and his amazing traditional/power metal band Lords of the Trident, will be off the hook. Tune in soon to for my full-length review of the fest, which also features Steel Iron, Inner Siege, Automaton, Conniption, and Droids Attack. 

Next up on this site: a Retro Review of Pantera’s Reinventing the Steel, which I originally had published in the Grand Rapids Press in Press back in 2000. Also, expect more full-length features on a diverse array of classic albums from the 1980s through the 2000s. For example, next week we’ll take a fresh look at R.E.M.’s darkest, and perhaps finest, hour from the 1980s. 

As always, cheers to you all, and rock on!–Jonathan Kollnot 


~ by jonnyboyrocker on September 1, 2017.

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