–Knives Are Quiet (Local West Michigan Spotlight)

Knives Are Quiet: Self-titled ep (Local West Michigan Spotlight)

Very few bands, regardless of their locality or stature, possess a truly original sound. Many bands conspicuously ape one or two of their favorite artists or sub genres, while others may try to mash so many different styles into a song that it sounds like a convoluted porridge of musical slop. No, not so appetizing. 

Then there’s Knives Are Quiet, a band that epitomizes the descriptor, “unique.” This instrumental heavy-rock trio from Grand Rapids, Michigan has been active on the scene for several years — they also have left their footprint regionally with past shows in Indiana, Toledo, and Chicago. But perhaps what most separates KAQ from their local contemporaries is their brilliant combination of ethereal atmospheres, hypnotic grooves, and headbanging riffs amidst a colossal wall of sound. 

I first experienced the inimitable KAQ live show back in August of 2015, when they were playing with the excellent West Michigan hard rock/metal act Apostles at Mulligan’s Pub in Eastown, Grand Rapids. Naturally unsuspecting of the forthcoming musical extravaganza, waves of gorgeous guitar arpeggios — enveloped in the warmth of reverb and digital delay — soothed my ears. Suddenly, crunchy, palm-muted riffs pummeled my senses; Kevin Keefer’s downright filthy and cleanly-picked bass lines served as the perfect harmonic foundation. The drums, meanwhile, provided straightforward grooves while including enough tasty fills to keep things hopping. This KAQ initiation was emotive and unique, and the band immediately became one of my favorite local acts. 

Needless to say, Knives Are Quiet — currently featuring Keefer, guitarist Mike Glover, and drummer Jeremy Gish — always deliver on the live front. Hard rock fans also can get a potent taste of the KAQ live experience via their 2014 self-titled ep. Dynamically combining elements of U2Pink FloydKing’s XBlack Sabbath, and post-punk bands, songs such as “House of Cards” and “Path of Cinders” shine with irresistible grooves and shimmering melodies. “Diving Bell,” the haunting middle track on the CD, simply needs to be heard to be appreciated. 

Fans of instrumental hard rock need to check out Knives Are Quiet on Facebook or in a Midwestern venue immediately — if not yesterday.– Jonathan Kollnot 

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