–New Disorder: Deception (Agoge Records, 2017)

–New Disorder: Deception (Agoge Records, 2017)

Standing out from the pack is no easy task these days. Regardless of a band’s distinct artistic vision or specific genre affiliation, navigating the turbulent seas of 21st-Century metal can be a harrowing journey indeed. What, with thousands and thousands (times 11) of similarly-minded bands competing for listeners’ time, ears, and — presumably — money, it helps to sail one’s own musical route.

New Disorder, hailing from Rome, Italy, are raising some European eyebrows with their strong hybrid of alternative, hard rock, punk, and metal. Though New Disorder are far from reinventing the wheel on Deception, they reiterate the telltale importance of substantive songwriting over musical style. Deception’s 10-tracks successfully blend such disparate references as Iron Maiden, Disturbed, Pantera, Trivium, and ’90s alternative; New Disorder maintain their focus on creating concise, straightforward songs with the emphasis on catchy vocal melodies and choruses.

An updated version of New Disorder’s 2015 second album, Straight to the Pain, Deception features two brand new tracks to appease the band’s long-time fans. Vocalist Francesco Lattes takes center stage with his memorable mid-range melodies and nasally, mid-range tone; he also deftly sprinkles in occasional death growls. Instrumentally, the guitar duo of Alessandro Cavalli and Andrea Augeri delivers plenty of straight-ahead groovy riffs while also demonstrating dexterity, as in the tasty harmonized main riffs to “Love Kills Anyway and Curtain Call.” In the majority of the tunes, such as the heavily-syncopated “Straight to the Pain,” the rhythm section (bassist Ivano Idamo and drummer Luca Mancini) are locked down tightly in their grooves.

Deception mostly succeeds at grabbing the listener with its infectious melodies, and catchy riffing and song structures. Due to the predominantly simplistic arrangements and mid-tempo pacing, the album occasionally suffers from a sense of sameness, of one-dimensionality, if you will. But there’s no denying the righteous fun and catchiness of tunes such as the title track, “Curtain Call,” and “Never Too Late to Die.”

To hear another promising young European metal band, check out New Disorder on Facebook and on YouTube.

–Tracklisting: 1.) Deception 2.) Love Kills Anyway 3.) Straight to the Pain 4.) Curtain Call 5.) Never Too Late to Die 6.) What’s Your Aim (Call It Insanity) 7.) Judgement Day 8.) The Beholder 9.) Lost in London 10.) A Senseless Tragedy (Bloodstreams)

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